The problem is …
how on earth is
to be able to save
enough money
to survive financially
for that length of time
if super funds just
continue to
they’ve been doing
for the last 20 years?

No matter whether you’re just starting your working life, on your way to retirement, or soon to retire …

The purpose of this web site is to stimulate thought about long-term saving and to attempt to take away some of the confusion and smoke-and-mirrors that the superannuation fund industry creates.

Rather than go into your ‘too-hard-I’ll-let-someone-else-worry-about-it’ basket, hopefully it will bring to your attention that your financial security is your own responsibility.

Information provided here will illustrate just some of the very expensive pitfalls you could fall in to if you leave your financial future in the hands of someone else.

After reading the contents of just this page you might begin to suspect, maybe, your Superannuation planning needs an overhaul.

Possibly you’ll create a completely different attitude towards the way you save for YOUR financial security from now on.

You may even decide to do it yourself.

If that happens, then the effort to create this web site has been justified.

Despite ALL the evidence to the contrary …

Workers ALLOW themselves to believe that all they need to do to adequately fund their retirement is to just pay 9%, (increasing to 12% over the next few years), out of their income into ‘super’ and they’ll somehow – almost magically – accumulate enough money to be able to retire comfortably for an average of 20 years.

And that’s RUBBISH …!

Super funds like to give the impression that all a person has to do is sign up with them, pay their compulsory contributions into their fund and when they retire they’ll live in financial comfort, if not luxury.

The truth is …

How on earth do people think they’re going to fund for 20 years-worth of retirement by saving just 9% (or even 12%), of their income – even if the return on their money actually keeps up with inflation, which it may not.

A simple calculation … let’s assume …

* the tax department didn’t
tax your super contributions
by 15%

* the tax department didn’t
tax any income your fund
generates by another 15%.

* your fund’s balance
NEVER goes backwards

* your funds earnings
ALWAYS at least keep
up with inflation,

(even if the fund’s
own literature says
it probably won’t).

Now, the government
KNOWS this.

Blind Freddie knows this.

But no-one’s telling you.

You have to ask
the question – why?

WHY why is
superannuation compulsory?

Wouldn’t a person be
better off paying off
their mortgage
or something?

Let’s face it, ‘traditional’ savings accounts – if you’ve got enough money to have one – pay little or no interest at all. (And whatever little you DO get is TAXED).

Just take a bit longer look at you annual statements – is your super REALLY showing you much of a return of late?

Now, it turns out that generally people, as they start to get closer to retirement, begin to realise this – and to compensate, they  think to save more they should just contribute more … and that will solve their problem.

But it probably won’t – because, by the time they’ve come to the realisation they won’t have enough to retire on, it’s generally too late.

Why are superannuation funds that are managed by a third-party such an issue?

Why should you consider NOT being in one.

Now, there’s lots of people who are happy to have an occasional ‘flutter’ down at the casino or the races.

But most of them would draw the line at gambling their retirement/life savings on the stock market or sending money off to investments run by people they don’t know and haven’t even met.

But, if you think about it, that’s EXACTLY what they do when they arbitrarily send, or let their employer send THEIR RETIREMENT SAVINGS off to a ‘managed’ retirement plan.

From the time your money transfers from your account or your salary into your fund managers account you lose all control over what happens to it.

That wouldn’t be so bad if superannuation was an effective and efficient long-term savings vehicle.

Time and time again, there have been horror stories of people who went to collect their super when they retired, only to find there was little left in their pot – especially after some kind of ‘crash’ that occurred.

Have you EVER met a person who retired with substantially MORE than they expected?

And how much MORE could there have been if unnecessary fees and charges, (and maybe tax too), had been avoided while they was saving it.

Is anything, ever,
going to change?

Probably not.

why …?

Possibly the $20 BILLION a year in fees the Superannuation industry skims off ‘contributions’ might be a bit of an incentive for it to keep things going the way they are.

But there’s another reason …

The Australian government CANNOT ‘collect’ superannuation contributions from people itself it NEEDS the superannuation industry to thrive in order that it keeps collecting the contributions that it taxes.

(So,don’t hold your breath and wait for any government to step in any day soon and make any changes).

Also – the superannuation ‘industry’ NEEDS to keep ‘talking ‘up’ the market to give the impression that to keep investing in it is a good thing so people will be content to keep feeding it with their ‘contributions’.

… despite the fact it’s based on a financial situation that was around during the 1990’s. – something that no longer has any relevance.

Since then … the whole world’s financial situation has changed, not just financially.

Right now, the USA, UK, China, Japan, Europe … and many other major economies … are in economic turmoil.

And funds that superannuation is invested in haven’t made much, if any, adjustments to the way they operate to accommodate this.

And, as for Australia …

Australia’s mining ‘boom’ seems to be over for the foreseeable future.

Even ‘traditional’ Australian industries, (like the car industry), are closing down completely with significant lay-offs in other industries becoming a more common occurrence.

Retail businesses, shops, department stores, supermarkets are finding it more and more difficult to post profits.

More and more traditionally Australian industries are being targeted by China either by direct competition or complete takeover.

Why is this important to you …?

One of the astonishing things
about the information
on this web page is that
none of it is new.

The media has been telling
it to people for YEARS.

But no-one appears to be
listening, (until they retire).

Quote from article

“Compulsory superannuation
is one of the biggest con jobs
ever foisted by government
on the Australian people,”

a young Tony Abbott
told parliament
in September 1995

Are you blindly making your compulsory ‘contributions’ into a super fund with the notion it’s going to provide you with a long, (potentially 20 YEARS), financially ‘comfortable’ retirement?

Maybe it will – but probably NOT if, like MOST people who send money ‘off’ super, you’re relying on others to ‘do it’ for you.

It could be you’re more likely to end up like many working Australians, who are now approaching retirement and who are becoming aware, too late, that their super fund has ‘let them down’ and that their ‘super nest-egg’ will be TOTALLY INADEQUATE to support them for more than just a few years after they retire … despite the fact they’ve been making ‘contributions’ into ‘super’ for much of their working lives.

Because they ignored the fairly regular warnings they’ve been getting over at least the last 20 years, (from every CRASH that’s occurred), that their savings have NEVER been safe and it’s only a MATTER OF TIME before they DISAPPEAR AGAIN.

Maybe they assume that by some kind of magic while ‘crashes’ might affect OTHER people somehow, in THEIR case, everything’s going to be ‘all right’ for THEM when they retire.

But how will it possibly be ‘all right’?

Let’s face it … for the average worker Superannuation in Australia been a complete stuff-up ever since it’s inception in the 1990’s.

e.g. many super fund returns didn’t even keep up with inflation in the 10 years to June 30th. 2011 while others went ‘backwards’!!!

And the future risk of this scenario happening all over again, (possibly MANY times between now and when you retire),hasn’t changed.

Who in their right mind would CHOOSE to ‘save’ for their inevitable retirement in something so volatile and, seemingly, out of control?

Probably, it’s ‘going’ much like everyone else’s.

But, that’s not going to be much use to you as every indication is that many Australians are going to experience extreme poverty when their totally inadequate ‘nest-eggs’ are empty just a few years after they retire.

Now, whether you are or not is largely, (entirely), up to you.

The younger you are right now, the more chance you have of securing your financial future.

But don’t keep delaying for too long because your time’s running out!

Now, whether you are or not is largely, (entirely), up to you.

The younger you are right now, the more chance you have of securing your financial future.

But don’t keep delaying for too long because your time’s running out!

… if you consider you’re not happy about your super – DO something.

Do NOT just submissively send your money off to someone you don’t know to do with – heaven knows what with it.

You might be forced to save it … but you DO have OPTIONS what happens to it.

Don’t make the mistake of getting close to your retirement before you start taking an interest in your retirement savings plan.


If you’re OK with the way your savings are going,
just keep on doing what you’re doing.

If you’re NOT,
maybe it’s
time for a re-think

about how you could
take a bit more
over your financial future…

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